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Consonant Chart

Letter Letter Name* Sound (Approx. to English) Sample Vocab
Gieok G(grand)
Nieun N(none)
Degeut D (door)
Rieul Between R and L. Pretend you are making an R sound and then push the tip of your tongue
forward a tad.
Mieum M (money)
Bieup B (like English B, but without voicing the sound)
Siot S (sing)
Ieung silent at beginning of syllable, NG (sing) if at ending.
Jieut Similar to J with tongue pressed up behind the teeth
Chieut CH (cheese)
Kieuk K  (key)
Tieut T (try)
Pieup P (pizza)
Hieut H (high)

*Please note: These are the official names of the letter, given for your reference
(Like the letter "G" is called "gee") These are not very important when beginning,
you can learn them slowly over time.  Instead focus on what sound each letter





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